Utah Beekeepers Association

Information on Keeping Bees in Utah


On this page we will provide you with the BASIC information you need to keep bees in Utah. For more detailed information, please contact your local association (see list at bottom of page) or email the Secretary.


License Requirements:

All persons interested in keeping bees in the state of Utah are required to obtain a license from the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. The current cost of the license is $25 per individual/business; the application for the license can be found at the UDAF webpage or click HERE.

Marking your Hives:

All hives or apiaries are required to be marked with the owner/business name, UDAF license number and a phone number. Markings need to be legible and permanent.

Type of Hives:

All colonies of honey bees are to be maintained in hives that contain removable frame equipment to facilitate inspection.

Entry in and out of the State:

The movement of bee colonies in and out of the state of Utah require an inspection. Residents of Utah should contact their local county inspector (click HERE for a list). Non-residents should contact the state entomologist, Clint Burfit, for an inspection prior to entry.

Local Associations:

Currently, there are three local associations who assist the beekeepers of their areas. Below you will find contact information for each association.