Utah Beekeepers Association

Swarm Retrieval

To Report a swarm, please click on your county below. You should reasonable expect that there may be a charge associated with swarm removal - ask up front. If there is no link for your county it is because we do not have a beekeeper listed yet; if you need help immediately, contact your local fire or police department .

It is very important to capture/resuce honey bee swarms in our area so that they are not lost to parasites or disease. The members of the Utah County Beekeepers Association have put together the following lists of available beekeepers who will remove swarms at no charge. Please select your city/area below on the interactive maps to locate a beekeeper near you; if there is not a beekeeper listed please look at surrounding cities/areas. Please be prepared to answer the questions below to help the beekeeper.

Here are some images of the kinds of "bees" that beekeepers do not remove:


yellow jacket
Paper Wasps
Bald Faced Hornets
Western Yellow Jacket

A note on Bumblebees (Bombus spp.). These bees are not aggressive and will not disturbe you unless you are bothering their nest or blocking the entrance to their nest. Some beekeepers may remove bumblebee nests to protect their declining populations.



If you are a beekeeper and would like to be added to the swarm list, please email the Webmaster; you must include which counties you will travel to in the body of the email.


Utah County Map

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